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Last August 14th 2011 , Teriyaki Boy  celebrated his 10th Birthday! . Eastwood city become mini Tokyo as we hear J pop tunes from Himitsu Heiki (J-pop Anime Singing Contest 2010 winner) and others. A lot of cosplayers paraded with their cute and colorful costumes.

The event was full of fun stuff like trivia contest, relay event, merchandise booths and the main event was the  cosplay competition. I actually joined for the first time just to experience it. we paraded through the eastwood city walk and back to the stage were we were given 30 seconds on the catwalk.

Overall it was a lot fun and lots of freebies. The 50 pesos entrance is minimal and you can go to booths for free stuff like fruit drinks and take photos on their photo-booths. you also get a ticket for prizes, unfortunately I didn’t win any thing :(.

Since its an outdoor event , i felt warm and sweat wearing my costume . Although it was cloudy it was really humid. Well i just cant imagine those guys wearing Mecca Costumes :).  I also saw my crush Monique Dimanlig :) , shes really great in cosplaying as a geisha.

I like photography, so one reason i get into the competition was to take good photos. And based from past experience cosplaying and photography at the same time is  alwasy a challenge (lol). 

Below are the winners:

Best Male: Robert Torio (Den-O, Kamen Rider Den-O)
Best Female: Christine (Annelotte, Queen’s Blade Mad Knight)
Best Child : Zire Yvin John Salazar (GekiRed, Jyuuken Sentai Gekiranger)
Best Craftsmanship: Abraham Cruz (Master Gundam, Mobile Suit G Gundam)
Teriyaki Boy’s Pick: Ivan Valerio (Sumo Roll Boma)

Lets all Greet Teriyaki Boy a Happy 10th Birthday!  :)

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